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Employee Benefit
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Employee Benefit

1. Wages: The company provides superior wages superior to the industry;
2. Promotion mechanism: Establish an open and transparent promotion mechanism, and give priority to internal promotion when a position becomes vacant;
3. Incentive policies: diversified employee incentive policies (including equity incentives, year-end dividends, performance bonuses, etc.);
4. Training and learning: All employees can enjoy free training, the company provides a full range of training and learning;
5. Employee security: provide social security and commercial insurance according to employee needs;
6. Cultural activities: The company organizes cultural and sports activities, tourism, dinners and outdoor development activities from time to time;
7. Dormitory environment: The environment is beautiful, providing standard quadruple suites / single suite housing, the suites are equipped with independent toilets, wardrobes, laundry stations, air conditioning, water heaters and other living facilities;
8. Dining service: provide delicious lunch and dinner according to employees' taste, and the dining environment is beautiful.