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Quality assurance
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Quality assurance

Quality is the foundation and survial of an enterprise. Minimizing in-process quality problems is our ambition. The quality team of Hengbin Company includes system management, incoming material inspection,in-process inspection, samples inspection and molds inspection. With the strong supports of advanced equipment and professional qualified personnel, the quality improves by strict quality control each step from raw materil, in-process and finish goods.

System management

The company has secured ISO9001: 2015, IATF16949: 2016, 3C and other certifications of quality management system, setting quality goals according to system standards, in-process methods application, input and oupt of in-process, management reponsibilites, job requirement, profermance assetment, documentation. The entire process management is implemented by qualtiy control system, improving the quality awareness of all staff,legal obiligation fulfillment and the other relative demands, continuously improving the quality management system and product level, so as to satisfy with customers.

Incoming Material Inspection

Our company is equipped with German SPECTTRO alloy element analyzer, which implements 100% inspection of incoming steel. The steel components can be read in a few seconds, thereby eliminating the raw material quality problems from the origin and providing a strong guarantee for subsequent processing.

In Process inspection

Fully conduct the self-inspection and mutual inspection of mold parts in each processing, prevent unqualified products into next process, and achieve the purpose of product quality control.

Samples inspection

Fully check part appearance, size, structure and othes after the trial, verify the mold structure, raise the questions and the action plans, parameter supporting ,to meet customer’s satisfaction.

Mold inspection

Through the standardized inspection, ensure the molds can be put into production smoothly, and build qualified products in full compliance with part design.